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Looking for parts for your WORKHORSE Chassis?

Miller Automotive Services is your factory authorized source for parts, service and warranty repairs. This includes the commercial and motor home chassis as well as body components for delivery van bodies.

We are a dealer for WORKHORSE CUSTOM CHASSIS, a major producer of RV and commercial chassis as well as complete commercial vehicles. Since then we have worked to become one of the premiere service and parts facilities by providing what is needed to keep WORKHORSE customers driving their vehicles.

Whether you have an RV or delivery truck with a WORKHORSE chassis, at Miller Automotive Services we try to stock the parts you’ll need to stay on the road.

We stock chassis parts including brake parts such as brake boosters, calipers, disc pads, brake hoses, hub caps, rotors, ABS sensors and oil seals for the P and W series motor home and commercial chassis. We also carry cooling system parts such as radiators, water pumps, hoses, drive belts and tensioners. Other items commonly stocked are fuel pump modules, filters, sending units, exhaust manifolds, oil cooler lines, ignition switches, throttle cables, suspension, steering and sway bar components. We also keep a good supply of air conditioner parts such as compressors, drier/receivers and expansion valves on hand for when the hot weather arrives.

No order is too big or too small to receive the attention needed to get it to you efficiently and quickly.


Thank you for visiting Miller Automotive Services in Beltsville, MD. Complete auto and fleet repairs and maintenance done right the FIRST time that you can count on!

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Miller Automotive Services

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